We always treat personal data responsibly and respect how this information is used. At all times we are working to GDPR’s accountability principle, which requires us to demonstrate the steps we take to ensure our compliance with data protection under GDPR.

We have a Data Protection Policy that sets out how we comply, together with a series of documents which form our GDPR Manual. We maintain records of our processing activities, and regular information audits are undertaken across the company, and as changes occur within the business to ensure ongoing compliance.

The Information We Hold
The majority of the information we collect and hold classed as ‘personal data’ is name, address and other contact details such as email address and telephone number of our existing customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, to enable us to provide our products and services. Additionally, we will hold the information required for collection and payment of invoices. We also collect and hold information on staff necessary to manage and support our employees.

For new business development we use names, addresses and other details such as email addresses and telephone numbers, to contact relevant individuals within a company or organisation, to gain consent to use their data for marketing communications purposes. We only hold this information once we have obtained consent to retain data and explained the purposes of doing so.

We are not a large processor of data. All personal data we hold is recorded to show where it came from, where we hold it and why, how we use it, who we share it with and how long it will be retained. These records are maintained so that if shared data is found to be incorrect, we are able to notify the third party, so they can correct their record. We do not share any data for marketing purposes. These procedures are regularly audited internally and by external assessors as part of our ISO procedures.

Our Privacy Notice is available to download and review. If you would like more information on our compliance with GDPR we will be happy to provide it, please contact us as outlined in our Privacy Notice.