Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow Solution and PLATESENSE.

Continuing our investment in our pre-press department we are proud to announce the installation of  Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow Solution, two new ZAC processors, low chemistry Superia LH-PLE plates and Fujifilm’s flagship pre-press programme, PLATESENSE.

XMF Workflow Solution

One of the most comprehensive workflow platforms for managing integrated production, XMF has been designed to meet the production demands of a wide variety of print service  Able to improve speed, efficiency, automation and flexibility, XMF optimises turnaround times for sheet-fed, web and digital print work.


PLATESENSE can incorporate XMF Workflow, is a radical new business process from Fujifilm which streamlines the pre-press process, enabling offset printers to concentrate on running their businesses with maximum efficiency.

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Tecnau Libra Line – Complete finishing system that can bind 800 books an hour

We are entering an exciting time of change, as we welcome the arrival of the Tecnau Libra Line which has been custom built for our Zero Inventory project. It is a complete finishing system that can bind 800 books an hour utilising two 450mm reels of paper and pulling covers from two cover hoppers. It is capable of binding books of different sizes simultaneously to ensure optimum running efficiency.



HP Innovative Publishing Solution Launched 

Supplier partner HP have just launched their latest technology at a recent event, in association with Ashford Colour Press. The new ‘product’ launched is not a printing press or other form of production kit, but a publishing software solution named Piazza. Three years in the making, this innovative new solution uses the cloud to help publishers achieve the ultimate goal of zero inventory publishing – printing books to meet orders already received.

HP Piazza Launch Networking

With the solution we have implemented there is no longer a need to order books to be held in stock that could become obsolete, freeing up cash flow and improving profitability. New titles can easily be released with little risk, and backlist titles can always be in print.

As the first printing company worldwide to adopt this software, Ashford Colour Press invested in the HP Piazza solution, which has been producing live work for a major educational publisher since December 2017. Additional presses and bindery equipment have also been part of this huge investment package, together with a lot of staff resources, planning and hard work combining to make the whole print to order workflow a success.

HP’s official Piazza launch took place at an event on the first evening of the London Book Fair, hosted in a hotel located close to the Olympia venue. Presentations by HP and Tim Cooper, a publishing supply chain expert, were followed by a Q&A session. Ashford Colour Press Managing Director, Rob Hutcheson was on the panel (pictured centre in the left image) alongside our publisher client, taking questions on how we are using the system, providing a real insight for the publisher audience.

HP Piazza Panel Q&AHP Piazza Presentation

Commenting on the reasoning behind this strategic investment, MD Rob Hutcheson said, “As a major supplier to publishers we are always looking for ways to differentiate our services, moving beyond just print. To do this we recognised the need to offer new innovative, value-added services that directly addressed a greater scope of the publisher ecosystem. HP Piazza has enabled us to change the conversation and to offer solutions that have a direct impact on the publisher’s bottom line, improving their profitability and efficiency.”

“The solution we have implemented enables us to expand our focus on supply chain initiatives and now offer true print to order, and book of one manufacturing. For publishers, this means titles are always available, never out of print and for us, exciting new opportunities to further strengthen our client relationships. Today, we are receiving hundreds of direct orders for titles stored in the Piazza repository, producing thousands of books – all printed to fulfil orders that the publisher has received, rather than to meet forecast sales.”

Further information on the Ashford Colour Press solution and how it works can be found on the Books on Demand section of the web site.

For more from HP here’s very useful brief overview video

New Product Showcase
Visit our new Print Services Showcase and Binding Services Showcase to see examples of a few of the items we produce… Book and magazine printing, journals, catalogues, brochures and more. A wide variety of book binding options plus mailing to complete the package.

Printing services for publications

Inkjet Investment Provides Outstanding Quality for Short Run Colour Books

We are delighted to be the first UK book printer to offer colour inkjet printing in High Definition! Thanks to the upgrade of one of our two HP T230 colour inkjet web presses with new High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) print heads, our clients can now enjoy superb quality short run colour print at affordable pricing. The new HDNA technology from HP takes colour inkjet quality up to an exceptional level and adds a further dimension for print buyers.

This investment is intended to offer more choice to those seeking to reduce costs and inventory in their colour books publishing programme using shorter print runs without jeopardising the quality of print. Other products ideally suited for printing on Ashford’s inkjet presses include journals, magazines, newsletters, reports, comics and newspapers. High speed variable data means that versioned magazines, personalised customer communications and tailored textbooks can be produced as part of a larger print run.

Sales Director, Mark Jones commented on the recent installation, “We’re really excited about the opportunities the addition of the HDNA print heads will bring. Our aim at Ashford is to always be innovative and offer the best solutions for our clients. Reaction to the results from the upgrade so far have been extremely positive.”

Ashford Colour Press Inkjet Printing Team
The Ashford Colour Press Inkjet Printing Team

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