Book Production Training

At Ashford Colour Press we believe in working in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their goals, whether that’s faster production, reducing inventory, saving costs, and very often all of the above!

Excellence in customer service is the cornerstone of our philosophy, together with ensuring we have the right equipment and technology to provide our customers with the products they want, when they want them, and at the right price – on time, every time.

All our clients are allocated an Account Manager as their main point of communication, handling their work throughout. Not unusual these days perhaps, what is unique is the Ashford team’s enthusiasm and commitment to always going the extra mile for our clients. Not only the Customer Service team but this customer-focused attitude extends through every department in the company.

Through our ISO accreditation, we are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of what we do.

A number of years ago we identified a need for customer education, particularly among our larger publisher clients, for example, training in prepress, the different methods of printing and finishing. In order to help them achieve the best results from their staff working in print related publishing roles, we developed our Book Production Training Day events.

By helping the attendees gain a better understanding of print and related processes, they can make more informed decisions in their day to day work. For example, enabling them to reduce waste and costs by learning about new production routes, print on demand, or using alternative papers. Less stock means less obsolescence and waste. Understanding the implications of changing a job spec part way through the process, or mistakenly assuming we can accurately reproduce colour print from an RGB file.

Some attendees are new to print whereas others have more experience, so there is a standard format and agenda, which is tailored to attendee requirements.

The first two sessions are delivered in the meeting room, then we go out into production. Following informal discussions over lunch, we return to the factory tour visiting all departments explaining how each works. Finally back to the meeting room for any questions, to ensure the learning objectives of the trainees have been thoroughly met.

Publisher Book Production Training Day 2Publisher Book Production Training Day 4Publisher Book Production Training Day 1Publisher Book Production Training Day 2

A perfect bound reference guide, which will be given as a hand out at future events is currently in production, and includes useful production information together with printed samples produced on different presses and papers.

Client Feedback Received Following Attendance at Ashford’s Book Production Days:
“Ashford have gone above and beyond what we would expect from our suppliers, and have provided many in-depth training days to all key our personnel. In addition to the regular training days, they created in conjunction us, a bespoke inkjet workshop, which they delivered with their suppliers – HP and CVG, to all our production staff. Feedback from this session was very positive, with people really pleased to get detailed information from printer, paper and machine manufacturers, to get a complete overview of the inkjet process. They have also actively engaged with us and other core vendors globally during our strategy week, to share successes and challenges that the industry faces.

Ashford have a very clear focus and attention to detail with regards to customer service. They are quick to respond to challenges and are readily available to provide solutions and advice.”

“I just wanted to pass on the feedback from the three visits you’ve done for us recently. It’s extremely positive from everyone who attended. You were obviously a fantastic host, with everyone thoroughly enjoying the visit and learning a great deal from it. So thank you very much for all the time and effort you put in.”

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for giving our group of designers such a useful and enjoyable visit last week. They all thought it was excellent, and learnt great deal from it. We fully appreciate the time you give to show our staff around the factory, explaining in detail the whole printing process. It’s extremely useful.”

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