Cross Media Marketing

The word and the picture are no longer the preserve of a few traditional mediums, but belong to an array of fast evolving channels. From the Internet to social media and on demand TV, all available on mobile and tablet, new communication opportunities exist for anyone with a message to convey, whether to a mass market or to small targeted market segments.

With our expertise and technology, we are ideally placed to enable clients to maximise the opportunities presented by these media channels and cross media marketing. We can help clients of all sizes, in any market, coordinate and consolidate their marketing efforts to produce more effective, more cost efficient results.

Ashford Colour Press can provide and integrate:
·       Customer lead generation programmes
·       Microsites
·       Personalised URLs
·       Personalised variable data print and online campaigns
·       Email marketing
·       List management
·       Data sourcing and enhancement
·       Enewsletters
·       Online proofing and project management
·       One-to-one direct marketing campaigns

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