Auto Stock Replenishment

With two HP T230 colour inkjet web presses and a mono Domino K630i mono press, Ashford Colour Press clients can now benefit from cost-effective mono and colour print runs from 50 to 2000 copies, with unit costs comparable to rates only previously achievable through litho production.

Following the installation of these presses plus the latest technology and finishing lines, we have worked closely with publishers aiming to move into automatic replenishment models.

Auto Stock Replenishment (ASR) allows shorter print runs of books, thus ensuring sufficient supply without over stocking. Using ASR we can offer our clients affordable solutions, improving their stock levels and cashflow while bringing backlists into print again. The flexible structure we’ve created means we are better placed to respond to market changes brought about by ebooks, online information, downloads and other digital media.

ASR can be linked with EDI, online ordering, and mailing, storage and distribution. This totally integrated model can create efficiencies across the whole process. We can store and distribute your books, and set minimum stock levels to order replenishment items for production when the set level is reached.