The Solution

Our aim is to offer a true print on demand solution with real choice – books on demand with a difference! You control and manage everything online, with a wide range of specifications available, including options for different book sizes and papers. We print what you want, just when you have an order ready to fulfil.

We can now produce the books you have already sold, rather than printing what you think you will sell in the future.

The solution means that you can cease production of books destined for stock, just for some or even all of your titles and move to a print to order model, thus improving cashflow and avoiding the costs associated with warehousing and obsolescence.

To implement this new on demand solution we have worked in partnership with a number of key suppliers including HP, for new press installations and the specialist HP Piazza software that facilitates the ordering through a cloud based repository, and OneFlow for the automation of processes.

The key differences between Piazza and the print on demand systems that are currently being used in the market are:

  • Publishers have access to a cloud based repository allowing management of their data in one central location, as opposed to a local server based solution, giving the most up to date information.
  • The system enables publishers to send orders to printers who are Piazza enabled globally, providing an easily manageable solution for production close to area of distribution, saving costs and reducing environmental impact.
  • The system can be customised to a publisher’s differing production requirements, including the addition of specialist features such as anti-counterfeit technology.
  • Piazza linked with OneFlow software and HP hardware technology combine to automate processes within production, providing a cost effective scalable solution.

This powerful publishing solution means that you can now print to order! Find out how it works…