Books on Demand

Do you need to take control of your book stock and eliminate inventory to reduce waste? Want to optimise cash flow and improve profitability but not been able to find the right books on demand solution for your titles? Now you can with Ashford Colour Press!

Developed through huge investment in our premises, the latest software, printing and binding equipment, combined with months of planning and hard work, this innovative new publishing solution is taking books on demand to the next level – print to order.

Designed with publishers in mind, hardware and software technologies combine to create a tried and tested solution – powered by HP Piazza.

We can solve the problems associated with holding books in stock. No more cash tied up in warehoused books, or waste through obsolescence, which are bad for business and for the environment.

New titles can be produced with little or no risk, as books can be printed as and when an order is received.

This also means that publishers can monetise a backlist of titles that may otherwise be ‘out of print’, creating a new revenue stream for the future.

This Ashford books on demand solution makes zero inventory production a reality! Interested in finding out more about the features and benefits this solution provides, and how they can be tailored to your requirements? Contact us by email to or call our Sales team on 01329 229700.