Next Steps

So what can you expect from this new Ashford publishing solution…

  • An agreed scope tailored to your requirements
  • Implementation team focused on successful outcomes working in partnership with your organisation
  • Service Level Agreement from the outset
  • IT support and assistance at all stages
  • Inventory waste problems solved
  • Efficiency objectives met
  • Improved profitability

To get to the point of zero inventory production, there is a requirement for input and development within a client publisher’s internal IT systems to make this work. What you need is…

One. An understanding of the business case for moving to this model.
Two. A commitment from senior management to make the changes and investment needed to achieve the objectives.
Three. Agreement on the scope of the project and the detail – specifications, titles, volumes etc.
Four. An experienced print supplier with the right expertise and resources to deliver your plan – Ashford Colour Press!

Learn more and request a demo to fully understand the potential benefits for your business.