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We offer a number of in-house book binding services for your work including perfect binding, PUR binding, case binding, wiro binding in a variety of styles, saddle stitching and loose-leaf finishing, for all types of publications. Matched to our printing resources, our range of binding lines can accommodate everything from short run digital print right through to long run litho printed work. Cover lamination and other print finishing is also done in-house.

Once a job is printed it moves from the press room into our adjacent bindery. The sections are folded and the covers laminated, then it is collated and bound, which can be done in a number of ways. The following examples show some of the book binding and print finishing options available.

Perfect Bound Books

Perfect Bound Books and PUR Bound Books

Perfect binding provides a professional, polished appearance for soft bound books, magazines, journals, prospectuses, brochures and other publications.

PUR binding is done in a similar way and appears to be the same finish as perfect binding. The use of a stronger glue in PUR binding, however, offers many benefits particularly for books, catalogues and manuals that will be well used and need to have a long shelf life, as well as publications with higher paginations. The adhesive needs 24 hours to ‘cure’ before despatch, which needs to be factored into your lead time.

Perfect binding, burst binding and notch binding are slightly different versions of the same thing and involve collating the folded sections side by side to form a spine, then gluing these sections into the cover.

Saddle Stitched Publications

Saddle Stitched Publications

Saddle stitching is ideal for soft bound publications with lower page counts, and is a quick and economical method of binding. Magazines, journals, brochures and booklets are just a few products that are suited be being saddle stitched.

Gather Stitch and Trim as it is sometimes referred to, is a method of book binding using wire staples on the spine, which is suitable for lower paginations. GST or saddle stitching involves collating the sections by inserting them into each other, adding a cover to the outside and holding it all together with two staples in the spine. The header image at the very top of this page shows a run of brochures on a saddle stitching line.

Case Bound Books

Case Bound Books

Case binding gives books an extremely durable finish, giving a long shelf life and lovely quality feel.

Hard back books can be produced to many different sizes, page extents and specifications. Options include for example, printed paper covers with a laminate as in the image to the left, fabric covering such as wibalin, and real or faux leather covering, in a plethora of colours and textures.

Extra finishing touches can be added for a more luxurious or stand-out feel to your hard cover book such as a glossy book jacket, foil blocking, matching or contrasting coloured end papers, head and tail bands, ribbon markers and so on. Matching slip cases can also be produced with your case bound book.

Wiro Bound Books

Wiro Bound Books

Cost effective and durable, wiro binding gives a lay flat finish and is therefore useful for publications such as manuals, handbooks, recipe books and notebooks.

There are a number of different styles of wiro binding, (sometimes called wire-o binding) including standard wiro binding, skip wiro binding, wiro binding onto flap, wiro wrap around binding, full Canadian and half Canadian wiro binding.

The cover and pages of the book are hole punched then bound together with a double loop wire according to the selected wiro binding style. Example cover options include printed cover with a laminate, or printed paper over board cover with a laminate to give a hard back finish, plus a clear or coloured polypropylene (plastic sheet) can be added as an outer cover to give further protection.

Special Finishes for Books

Special Finishes for Books

There is an infinite combination of special finishing touches to add a touch of luxury, create striking effects for a brand, or simply to give a lasting great looking finish. These are just a few examples of the most popular additions.

The covers on a bound book are often finished in a gloss or matt effect cover lamination. Not only does this give a professional looking finish, but it helps protect the cover too. Textured laminates and recyclable laminates are also available.

Fold out covers, or a ‘throwout’ cover, can be useful to allow additional information to be included on the cover, and to create a quality effect to a book, prospectus or brochure. An oversize cover is printed then laminated and creased, so a flap is created which folds inside the cover of the bound book as shown in this image.

Spot UV (Ultra Violet) varnishing is another popular design feature. This involves applying a high intensity ink-like varnish to the cover, which can be done to highlight a logo, wording or part of an image, for example. Similarly covers can be embossed or debossed for the same purpose. To quote on these additions we need to know the percentage of coverage at estimating stage, and a template for the design to be supplied with the press ready files.

Ask us about any unusual specifications at the design stage if possible, so the files created are configured in the optimum way to accurately produce your special requirements. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or you need some guidance or a quote on your next print project – contact us!

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