Inkjet Printing

Colour print on demand is now an affordable reality. Thanks to our three HP T230 inkjet web presses, publishers can now benefit from cost effective print runs from 50 to 2000 copies, with unit costs comparable to rates only previously achievable through litho production.

These HP T230 colour inkjet web presses run mono and full colour at 400ft per minute, on coated and uncoated papers, can produce anything from books to comics and even newspapers! One of these presses has high definition (HDNA) print heads which produce a more premium quality colour print option.

For us inkjet printing is like having a superpower. For our clients it means faster, more economical, more flexible print and added value solutions, and of course excellent quality books and other publications. To find out more about our cost effective colour book production services read our HP Case Study here.

We also have a further inkjet press used for mono producing books, the Domino K630i. See our Plant List for full details all our presses and book binding equipment.

The flexible high tech production we’ve created at Ashford Colour Press means we’re better placed to respond to market changes brought about by e-books, online information, downloads and other digital media. We can now offer short to medium run products at previously unobtainable unit costs enabling us to work closely with publishers looking to move into Automatic Stock Replenishment models (ASR). Click here to find out more.