Publishing Services

Get ahead with Ashford Colour Press! We continue to evolve our services to meet the needs of publishers in a fast changing world. We aim to provide publishing solutions that help our clients manage their costs and maintain optimum stock levels across the globe.

The pressures on publishers to respond to shifting market forces are central to the we think. We’re continually developing and adding to our resources to enable our clients to react faster, more relevantly and more cost efficiently. Whether our clients are producing novels, textbooks, training manuals or periodicals, our digital technologies meet their needs for print on demand; we can help them reduce print inventories and warehousing space too.

Just some of the benefits of working with Ashford Colour Press include:

·         Reduced inventory costs and warehousing space means you can print books as you need them

·         Put a book in test market before committing to larger print runs

·         Extend the life of a title by printing books previously out of print

·         Deliver special order requests more economically

·         Avoid obsolescence for time-sensitive titles by shorter print runs

·         Order short run case-bound books

·         Save on bulk shipping and transportation costs

·         Speed of production means improved cash flow: the faster we deliver a book, the sooner you can invoice it

·         Enhanced opportunities to personalise or customise

·         Quick and easy reprints thanks to electronic files stored in our data warehouse

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